We all feel anxiety throughout our lives and at times it becomes too much. It helps to have someone to talk to and often we do not want to burden our friends and family. Often the people close to you want you to do things in ways you don’t or are unable. You may feel embarrassed when your worries do not resolve quickly, you may be stuck and not know what to do.

I can be a willing ear at the same time being able to look at what is going on together with you in a way that makes it clearer how you get stuck emotionally, get caught in mental loops and stick to reactions that do not work for you. I am able to provide different ways of looking at things, strategies that help with the physical side of anxiety (insomnia, obsessive thoughts, tension, etc) and to look at how these patterns started, are triggered and can be changed.

I can suggest ways of dealing with people and circumstances that may be helpful. I can show you ways to live with things outside our control.

Anxiety Treatment