Frequently Asked Questions


Confidentiality is assured as per the Federal Privacy Act 1988. My notes are kept locked at an undisclosed location. As a psychologist I am legally required to keep records for 5 years. If at any time you wish to see them you are welcome to.


My session fee is currently set at $130 per session. I am a registered Medicare provider for those who are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $84.80 per session.


Appointments run between 50 minutes to one hour including time to settle in and depart the room, arrange next appointment time(s), and make payments. The number of sessions will depend on your individual needs and interest. We will negotiate this together at our first meeting and periodically thereafter.

My Qualifications

Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. LaTrobe University.
Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology. Monash University.
Bachelor’s Degree (Majors: Psychology & Sociology) Monash University
Level IV Certificate in Workplace Training. Swinburne University.


Getting ongoing feedback from you is a feature of my approach to counselling. Without feedback it is much more difficult for me to know how you are progressing, what works best for you and whether or not we are getting to the heart of the matter. The moment you feel that things are not going as you wish please let me know so that we can re-direct the process.

I find the therapeutic process works best when we feel empowered to follow our intuition, openly express our thoughts and feelings, and especially when we trust one another.

My rooms are at Level 1, 279 Lygon Street, Carlton and you can contact me on 0416 117 861 to make an appointment.